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Broad Airpro Mask

Protection for renovation workers, Welders and miners against silicosis, Prevention of coss-infection in hospitals, Protection for joggers against exhaust fumes. 

BROAD Clean Air Product, Airpro Collection, Model: FB2 

  • Key Usage - Onsite work: Welders, Miners, Renovation workers Hospitals: Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory patients Sports: Running, Cycling, Fitness&Exercise Pollen level high or Smoggy Days: Outdoors, Indoors, In-Vehicle
  • Special feature - BFE(Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) reaches 99.39%, higher than 95% of KN95, test report available. Increase breathing volume, and make people feel more refreshed and energetic. Offers great hope for respiratory patients, senior or who wear the normal face mask affect breathing. Powered respirator, USB rechargeable battery. Design for long term use, Mask replace 1-2 weeks, replace with any masks and simply cut a circle. HEPA filter can be used for accumulative of 500 hrs, and spare part is available.
  • 1 Package Insert (Instruction for Use)

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