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4 Great Innovations in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

4 Great Innovations in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

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Scientific breakthroughs in medicine have been slowly blooming when it comes to new inventions which can be used and bought as laboratory supply or as hospital equipment. These technologies may not be available yet for you to avail in your local clinic or hospitals for now but keep your interest high as these might be already available as laboratory supply used by medical technologist in certain lab testing areas in the world.

  1. Bloodless blood sugar check
    Diabetes brings the constant need to draw blood for glucose testing and insulin injections every single day. A diabetic must stock medical supplies in order to avoid further complications. Echo Therapeutics is researching on a transdermal biosensor which analyzes blood through the skin. It involves a device that removes small amount of top-layer skin cells to reach a signal range of a biosensor. It sounds an alarm when the patient’s sugar level is high.

  2. Less risky heart treatment
    A small valve called Sapien transcatheter aortic valve is inserted to the femoral artery using a catheter from a small incision near the rib cage. The valve is made out of bovine tissue on to a steel stent. It expands by blowing a small balloon once placed correctly in the valve. This valve is a better alternative to open-heart surgery. for patients who need new a new valve but can’t endure the rigors of the operation. A much simpler life-saving way that gives shorter hospitalization. This is being used to very weak patients who are deemed unable to survive an open-heart surgery.

  3. Anti-headache implant
    Doctors have always been associating the most painful, chronic forms of headache with the facial nerve bundle called sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG). With a new technological system, you might throw away your medical supply to the trash. The system implants of a small nerve stimulating device permanently in the upper gum on the part of the head that is normally bothered by headaches. The tip of the implant is connected with the SPG bundle so whenever the patient feels the start of a headache, the patient would place a remote controller on the cheek nearest the implant. This causes to block transmitters from signaling pain to the brain. But this might come in a little bit pricey so you better hold on to your medical supply at home.

  4. Lessen unnecessary biopsy
    Unlikely looking moles are actually harmless, but have always been impossible to know for sure without performing a surgical biopsy and exhausting diagnostic supply. Though an equipment was approved by the FDA that can detect the most deadly form of skin cancer which is melanoma. Now dermatologists have new help in making the right call and save on their diagnostic supply. The equipment is called MelaFind, an optical scanner. Though it is not for definitive diagnosis, this would help the doctor obtain additional information that he can use in determining whether or not to order a biopsy.
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