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Auditory Matters: 10 Steps to Reduce Hearing Loss

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Our senses get dull as we age and one of the top three senses that slowdown is the sense of hearing. The most common reason why our auditory sense gets bad is mainly because we take things for granted especially when we were still young. Now, if you are already wondering on the status of your auditory health, you can get laboratory diagnostic supply in 22nd McAllen TX and surely, All Star Medical Supply LLC can help you with that. However, starting from now, you have to follow these simple steps to avoid further hearing loss.

1. Avoid loud music Music is life. Most of us cannot even go by the day without music. Music can help you relieve the tension in your body by listening from a compilation of full-band opera to a full album of “screamo” or hardcore metal rock songs. Either sticking them into your ear or overwhelming every corner of music won’t help your hearing any better. Consider this for your safety.

2. Cleaning by a wash cloth is better There had been constant rejection of cotton swabs for years already and that is apparently true because of its tendency to push the wax into the deeper parts of the ear. It is much better to clean your ears by a wash cloth and clean them after taking a bath.

3. Use ear protection If your workplace is inevitably contributing to a lot of noise pollution around then consider using ear protection plugs. They can push out large number of unwanted noise released by your environment. It would also lessen the stress of your eardrums.

4. Avoid extreme activities Some sports recently have caused major damages on athletic people. Let’s consider sports here that inevitably lurks shocks and tremors on the head like Mixed Martial Arts and Wrestling. If you are so much into those sports, accept the consequences.

5. Avoid noisy places Speaking once again of places that share noise pollution, it would be very beneficial for you to avoid those places as far as you can. The clubs also offer too much noise, but we are not saying you can’t party because that would be totally completely rude. What we are saying is that you have to at least lessen your exposure in those places.

6. Take some rest from noise pollution Give your ears some peaceful place to be at for at least every 3-4 hours from constant noise. This is like giving your ears some time to breathe before provides power alongside with your ear plugs pushing out noise pollution off your ears.

7. Have an ear check-up Make an appointment with your ear regularly – annually or quarterly. The inclusion of an auditory check in your annual check-up may allow you to take note of the status of your auditory condition.

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