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Beginners Guide: Understanding Rapid Urine Test

Urine is considered as a definite determinant of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), other urinary system diseases and specific metabolic conditions such as diabetes or liver disease. Urine test is one of the several laboratory tests that can be done to diagnose diseases and also as a monitoring factor to determine progress of one’s state of health. The characteristics of urine such as odor, color and the amount will help us indicate what is wrong in our system. For example, cloudy urine is a sign of UTI or if it is reddish in color, there might be presence of blood on it.

There are various components to examine urine like 24-hour urine collection, urinalysis (U/A), urine culture, pregnancy tests and the rapid urine test. You can obtain a test strip from All Star Medical Supply LLC, a reliable provider of laboratory diagnostic supply in 22nd McAllen TX.

Now, to better understand rapid urine test the following questions shall be your guide.

What is Rapid Urine Test?

It is a straightforward, possibly the easiest and quickest method of testing urine. To get an accurate sample, use a midstream clean catch technique which means collecting the middle part and not the first nor the last section that comes out. Here’s how a diagnostic laboratory supply test strip is done:

  1. Once the mid-section of the urine has been collected, dip the urine test strip with small squared colored fields for a few seconds.
  2. Give it some time for the results to appear. The fields on the test strip will change its color depending on the concentration of the specific sample.
  3. Compare the resulting colors of the fields on the color table found on the urine test pack.
  4. It will reveal normal and abnormal results.

When and where can it be done?

This can be done as part of routine examinations also for patients with acute symptoms such as stomach or abdominal pain and people with diabetes. It can be done at a doctor’s office or clinic, in hospital or at home. This test strip can be purchased at a laboratory diagnostic supplier which is available online but not for the purpose of self-diagnosis. Check with your doctor if there is any abnormality.

What substances can be checked in the urine?

The following are to be noted significantly if present in urine:

  1. Sugar (Glucose)
  2. Protein
  3. Nitrite
  4. Ketone (by product when body burns fat for energy or fuel)
  5. Bilirubin (by product of hemoglobin)
  6. Urobilinogen (by product of bilirubin)
  7. Red Blood Cells
  8. White Blood Cells
  9. pH value (normal values: between 5-7; under 5 is too acidic and over 7 is not enough acidity)

How to determine results?

With the color chart as your guide on the packet, you can determine the following abnormalities:

  1. pH value is below 5 – high risk of developing urinary stones
  2. pH value is above 7- sign of bacterial urinary tract infection
  3. ketones and glucose in the urine is an indication of high sugar level
  4. nitrite or leukocytes may be a sign of bacterial infection
  5. high levels of protein is a sign of kidney inflammation

Speak to a doctor immediately for these abnormalities so that he can rule out a diagnosis. Yet, initially get a strip test at All Star Medical Supply LLC, where you can get cost-friendly laboratory diagnostic supply in 22nd McAllen TX. We are available 24/7 online at www.allstarmedsupply.com for your urinary problems and other unsettling conditions. Get tested! Choose a Rapid Urine Test!

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