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Key Things You Should Know About Testing For Occult Blood In The Stool

2022-02-24 08:12:20

Noticing blood in the stool is something that will scare any person. If you notice blood in your stool, you should know there can be several causes behind it. Some of the most common causes include Crohn’s disease, diverticula disease, anal...

Things To Keep In Mind Before A Urine Test

2021-12-30 06:19:24

Some lab tests are performed more frequently than the others. For instance, complete blood count, lipid panel, liver panel, thyroid stimulating hormone, cultures, basic metabolic panel, etc., are some of the most commonly performed general...

Things To Know Before Buying Disinfectant Sprays

2021-12-22 06:03:41

We can clean our floors easily with the help of vacuum and mop but there are some leftover mess and stains that are quite difficult to get rid of. To effectively deal with the mess, you need a top-quality disinfectant spray. In addition to...

Commonly Used Sites For Capillary Blood Collection

2021-11-25 04:12:17

Capillary blood sampling has become one of the most common ways of checking things such as anemia, blood sugar levels, thyroid function, and many other things. But the best thing is, it lets you check for the aforementioned things without taking...

Cones, Buds and Environmentally-Friendly

2021-03-12 06:39:53

Rethinking Cryosurgery in the Physicians Office: Cones, Buds and Environmentally-Friendly Next gen cryo devices will deliver better results, reduce medical waste, and generate higher profits It is hard to believe that 30 years have gone by...

Phlebotomy: What Supplies Do you need?

2016-11-14 01:47:35

Phlebotomy is the process of extracting a blood sample from a patient for a wide array of purposes: medical diagnostic, condition monitoring or basic blood testing. What do phlebotomists use to perform this seemingly complicated procedure?...

Medical Innovations: Top Medical Technologies of 2016

2016-11-14 01:08:29

2016 is not only a good year for music, tv shows and superhero movies. This year also brought new gadgets and technologies; from the missing healdphone jack in the iPhone7 or the proliferation of the camera drones. Truly, this year was a...

How to Properly Throw Your Needles

2016-11-03 23:14:59

The waste produced by the hospital or any other medical institution is one thing we should think about as these may carry harmful bacteria that may increase our risk to contacting these diseases. But rather than talking about how these...

What Are the Things You Need to Know about Urinalysis

2016-10-25 02:20:01

Our advancement of our technology resulted in a number of medical breakthroughs. Such of which is our process of identifying the condition of a patient. One set of screening test that offers practicality in discovering common diseases is...

Ways To Effectively Clean Test Tubes

2016-10-12 21:02:22

Medical professionals typically utilize test tubes to handle certain chemicals and other liquids. Often times, you can see these tubes in laboratories. Many companies like ours, All Star Medical Supply LLC , provide good quality test tubes...