Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device 50/pk

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Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device 50/pk

The BD Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device eliminates the dangers that are associated with using a syringe needle to transfer venous blood to a blood culture bottle, which is also an OSHA-prohibited practice. This blood transfer device is designed to be used in medical facilities and with healthcare staff safety in mind.

The BD 364880 Vacutainer Blood Transfer Device is created for single-patient use to reduce cross-contamination and transfer-related injuries. It is latex-free and created to maintain specimen integrity, which is extremely important in order to achieve an accurate disease diagnosis. It is a female blood transfer device and features a red-colored tip to help distinguish it from other holder-based products, such as the BD Vacutainer Luer-Lock Access Device.

Box Contents:

  • 50 Blood Transfer Devices

Product Features And Benefits

• Reduces the Risk of Injury From Transfer

• Designed With Healthcare Staff Safety in Mind

• Reduces the Risk of Cross Contamination

• Helps Maintain Specimen Integrity

• Easy-to-Identify, Red-Colored Tip

Product Specifications

• Manufacturer: BD Becton Dickinson

• Product Number: 364880

• Length: 16.06 Inches / 40.79 Centimeters

• Width: 10.06 / 25.55 Centimeters

• Height: 8.37 Inches / 21.27 Centimeters

• Weight: 6.8 Grams

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