Vacuette 25g Safety Butterfly Collection Needle Set w/ luer adaptor, 50/ Bx

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Butterfly VACUETTE 25 G x 3/4" (0.50 x 19mm) Tube Length 12" (30cm) Safety Blood Collection Set + Adaptor Luer

The major safety feature in this vacuette® safety blood collection set is the winged needle with safety shield. it is operated by depressing both sides of the stopper and by activating the safety mechanism. an audible click sound assures the activation of the safety mechanism. needle protection is activated as the needle is removed from the vein. luer adapter that covers the end of the needle ensures safety prior to connecting to holder. 


  • Guidance compliance: osho
  • Tubing length: 12.0”
  • Needle size: 25g
  • Needle length: ¾”
  • Luer: center

NOTE: REF 450099

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