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Difference between Nitrile and Latex Gloves

Difference between Nitrile and Latex Gloves


No matter what your duties as a professional in the medical industry are, it’s probable that you’ll need to put on the appropriate safety gear. Medical products like disposable gloves are your first layer of protection when in contact with strong chemicals and other dangerous substances.

As a provider of lab equipments supply in Texas, we believe that certain items are better suited for specific medical situations due to different materials and design decisions. Additionally, ordering the incorrect kind of glove for your practice could result in resource loss and a higher risk of tears, rips, and punctures.

Through our experience in lab medical supply in McAllen, Texas, we present to you the differences between the famous medical gloves: nitrile and latex.

  • Latex
    This kind of disposable glove is made from a material that mature rubber trees produce. Latex-made gloves are the standard disposable alternative across industries because of their ability to precisely fit a user’s hand while providing accurate and high-tactile sensitivity. The best protection against viruses and germs is offered by latex gloves. Compared to other kinds of gloves, it has a lesser barrier against chemicals. This is a common medical supply.
  • Nitrile
    When it comes to chemical and puncture resistance, as well as virus prevention, nitrile gloves outperform other types. The best alternative to latex gloves, in the opinion of many, is disposable nitrile gloves. They offer the best durability and shelf life while greatly lowering the risk of latex allergies, making them the best choice.

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