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Essential Steps to Remember in Taking Proper Care of your Ear

Essential Steps to Remember in Taking Proper Care of your Ear

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Nothing beats a beautiful melodious sound of a violin or the harmonious blend of children’s choral singing in a cathedral. As much as your ears are equally important than your other senses, your ears play an important role in maintaining our sense of balance and to analyze the sounds around us. But sometimes when you are constantly exposed to a loud environment because of the nature of your job or even listening to underground or metal music on a daily basis; these factors can cause hearing loss or permanent damage. Human ears can handle 60 decibels (dB)which is usually the sound of a typical conversation. However, if someone listening to music with earplugs on, it can basically generate sound travelling up to 100 dB which can cause damage after 15 minutes. Now, how do we take care of our ears?

Proper management methods in looking after our ears should be applied especially if it becomes an occupational hazard.

Here are essential steps for you to remember:

1.Avoid day to day use of cotton swabs. Are you one of those people who enjoy the feeling of using cotton swabs to clean your ears? We all fell into this tingling sensation when we use cotton swabs to get rid of the yellow waxy earwax. It is obviously to keep our ears as tidy as possible however, the fact is that they are self-cleaning like the “lotus effect.” Cerumen or earwax are usually expelled at the ear canal with the aid of jaw movement. That is why removal of cerumen is not always necessary. Earwax contains a special agent that act as an emollient and has bactericidal properties.

2.Avoid living or working in a noisy surrounding. Do you work for a construction company where you drive a bulldozer or enjoy being in a firing range as a hobby? Make sure you wear earmuffs or hearing protection devices such as foam plugs, molded plugs etc. Try to minimize going to a noisy environment that can harm your sense of hearing.

3.Avoid regular use of aspirin and ibuprofen. Taking these pain relievers when you are sick or unwell is fine but should not be on a regular basis. These types of medication can cause hearing loss or permanent damage because of its ototoxicity (ear poisoning) classification especially if utilized for a longer period. Speak to your physician regarding medications you are currently taking.

4.Avoid smoking. According to studies, 15% of smokers are more likely to experience hearing loss than that of non-smokers. There are various harmful chemicals found in cigarettes that can causing hearing impairment or permanent hearing loss. For example, the presence of nicotine and carbon dioxide in cigarettes can decrease level of oxygen in cochlea and other chemicals in the cigarette affect sound processing of your ears.

It is important to take proper care of your ears before it is too late. Speak to an ear specialist if you are experiencing pain, tinnitus or vertigo to have it checked. The doctor will utilize an otoscope to get a magnified view of the ear using a specula of different sizes which can be obtained at All Star Medical Supply LLC, your source for laboratory diagnostic supply in 22nd McAllen TX. Also online orders are accepted at www.allstarmedsupply.com .

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