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Importance of Using Appropriate Needles


One of the most often performed invasive medical procedures is phlebotomy. Patients may experience negative effects from unsafe phlebotomy, which are uncommon but can include discomfort or bruising at the puncture site to fainting, nerve injury, and hemorrhage.

As a provider of lab equipments supply in Texas, we believe that another problem for patients is that if a blood sample is not properly drawn or is lost during transportation, the results may be unreliable and deceiving to the clinician, or the patient may need to endure the discomfort of repeat testing.

The hazards to patients and medical personnel are decreased by using best practices and appropriate medical products in phlebotomy.

Using the proper blood collection needles supply is another way for phlebotomy to be done safely. Depending on their intended use, needles may come in various sizes.

Contrary to conventional measurement systems, there is an inverse relationship between gauge numbers and needle size. The needle width decreases as the gauge number rises. Blood flow rates and compatibility with vein types vary between each needle.

Here are some common needles used in the practice of phlebotomy:

  • 18 gauge needles
  • 21 gauge needles
  • 22 gauge needles
  • 23 gauge needles

It is crucial that healthcare workers had hands-on experience with a variety of needle types, regardless of the needle to be used. As a result, the patient will be safer, getting the blood sample will be successful and the results will be accurate. If you are looking for a trusted provider of lab medical supply in McAllen, Texas, consider All Star Medical Supply LLC.

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