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Learning More About Catheter Types


Catheters play a critical role in supporting a person’s function. This lab supply is inserted into the body to drain fluids. It can also be done to perform diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. With these various functions, catheters may come in different forms, each designed for their specific purpose.

If you are acquiring one for a personal or group need, it is important to know about this device. Let us start by getting to know some of the different types of catheters.

The urinary catheter is designed to be used like its namesake – to drain urine from one’s bladder. Different situations make it difficult for a person to move their urine by themselves. Urinary catheters can be permanent or temporary and be made from latex, silicone, or polyurethane.

If the catheter is needed to deliver nutrition or medication into the bloodstream, it is called the central venous catheter. This is inserted into a large vein in the chest or neck and left in place for days or weeks. Nasogastric tubes are a form of a catheter inserted through the nose and into the stomach with the same purpose of providing nutrition or medication without the need for swallowing.

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