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Medical Innovations: Top Medical Technologies of 2016

Medical Innovations: Top Medical Technologies of 2016

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2016 is not only a good year for music, tv shows and superhero movies. This year also brought new gadgets and technologies; from the missing healdphone jack in the iPhone7 or the proliferation of the camera drones. Truly, this year was a blast for team technology. This year also brought quite a pack for healthcare and medical technology.Here are some of the trends and breakthroughs that were introduced in the year 2016.

1. Augmented Reality

Digital contact lens, patented by Google, became available in 2016 only there are only limited places where you can buy this from. This is set to measure the level of blood glucose from a person’s tears. The Hololens, a project of Microsoft, also spells a huge impact on medical education as it allows Med students perform dissections from virtually any angle without having to wrestle with the smell of formaldehyde.

2. Wearable Technology

This year introduced into the market, fibretronics, or traditional clothing with microchips implanted into them. Some are configured to react and monitor the temperature among others. Apart from wearable clothing, there is also a swarm of devices that had algorithms that will help users analyse wearable data. This allowed people to be more conscious about their lifestyles and make healthier, wiser choices.

3. Semi-Artificial Intelligence for Radiology

The product of IBM has been in use for years to assist oncologists. By assisting in diagnoses, treatment became cheaper and better focused. This year, with the release of the Medical Sieve project, radiologists can now focus on specialized and complex cases instead of having to personally go over hundreds of radiology images daily.

4. Food Scanners

Projects for this technology have been around since 2014. But it is only this year that the tangible products were made available to first users. This technology will help people identify the items that are on their plates. This will help people assist nutrition and general food intake. This is especially helpful for people who are looking to lose some weight. Apart from that, ingredients that may cause allergic reactions to the prospective eater can be readily identified as well.

These innovations surely changed the way healthcare is being provided to the ones who need them. If you need laboratory diagnostic supply in 22nd McAllen Tx to further the research you have within your backyard, we can help you. Allow us at All Star Medical Supply LLC to assist you in your quest for innovation.

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