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One-Stop Source of Quality Medical Supplies in Texas


Regardless of what type of healthcare or medical facility, it is important, there is easy access to a trusted provider of medical supply and products. Having durable and reliable supplies can help determine how the services will run inside a healthcare or medical facility. All Star Medical Supply LLC is a place you can trust.

We are a well-established provider of quality lab medical supply in McAllen, Texas. Our years in the field allowed us to create strong connections and partnerships with several big and small healthcare facilities and organizations.

Our lab equipments supply in Texas focuses on the quality of the products we distribute, which ensures it comes only from licensed and trusted supplies in the country. We do this to help improve the healthcare system in ways that we can.

Most medical products should be well taken care of, they require a certain storage temperature to retain their effectivity and durability, so we take the storage very seriously before it gets distributed to different facilities.

We are your reliable provider of medical and lab supply in Texas. To get access to our products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can start discussing your supplies and needs.

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