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Phlebotomy: What Supplies Do you need?

Phlebotomy: What Supplies Do you need?

Phlebotomy is the process of extracting a blood sample from a patient for a wide array of purposes: medical diagnostic, condition monitoring or basic blood testing.

What do phlebotomists use to perform this seemingly complicated procedure?

In third world nations, all the nurse or the phlebotomy needs to have in hand is a needle and a syringe. However, certified phlebotomists use supplies and tools specific for the procedure. With proper training and significant work experience, a phlebotomist becomes highly accustomed to the usage of these tools to ensure that they are performing phlebotomy in a hygienic and sterilized manner.

Phlebotomy courses require a phlebotomist to use blood collection tubes. These blood collection tubes have various colored tops, each with its corresponding meaning and purpose. There are also different needles and needle components including multiple draw needles and built-in needle safety devices. Lancets and syringes will also help in making the entire procedure smooth. For specifically sensitive patients, tourniquets should be at hand. Bandaging materials should be available to stop the wound from bleeding after the blood extraction. There are also separate blood culture bottles and specific disposal containers.

Before and after doing phlebotomy, your materials should be properly sterilized to ensure that no unwanted bacteria can affect and contaminate the blood sample. Isopropyl alcohol, povidone-iodine solution and swabs can be used to sterilize the needed equipment. The trays on which the blood samples are carried should also be sanitized with the use of a bleach solution or any acceptable disinfectant. While doing the procedure, the practitioner should also be wearing gloves. This limits exposure to infections and other unwanted bacteria. Afterwards, these gloves as well as the used needles should be disposed of properly.

In different areas, there are also different techniques that have been developed to accomplish phlebotomy smoothly and painlessly. In Europe and the States, blood extraction is performed by using an evacuated tube system which includes a plastic hub, a hypodermic needle and vacuum tube. Use of butterfly needles is also fairly common.

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