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BD Quikheel Preemie Lancets (Pink), 50/ Bx

BD Quikheel Preemie Lancets (Pink), 50/ Bx


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BD Microtainer Quikheel Preemie Lancet, automatic & permanent blade retraction for Infants. Sterile, Single Use 50/sp

Box Contents:

50 Sterile lancets


• Depth – 0.85 mm

• Length – 1.75 mm

• Blood Volume – High

• Meets Fed OSHA Standards – YES

• Meets 1999 NCCLS Guidelines – YES


Select the site and cleanse thoroughly
With a gloved hand, place the BD Quikheel™ Preemie Lancet against the site with the BD Quikheel™ logo facing you. Place the blade slot area securely against the heel at a 90 degree angle to the length of the foot
Using your index finger, firmly and completely depress the trigger.
After triggering, remove the lancet and discard lancet into a biohazard sharps container.
Collect the specimen.

NOTE: REF # 638181

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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