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Significance of Choosing the Appropriate Needle


For the finest results, the proper blood collection needles supply must be used for blood collection. The outcome may be affected by mistakes made during the blood collection process. Phlebotomists have access to a variety of needle kinds for drawing blood samples. The choice between a straight needle and a butterfly needle is one of the most crucial ones phlebotomists have to make.

As a provider of lab medical supply in McAllen, Texas, allow us to present the differences between the two common types of needles:

  1. Straight Needles
    Most of the time, straight needles are the primary option while collecting blood. A syringe or tube holder is fitted with a straight needle. The blood flows into the container as the needle is inserted. Straight needles come in a variety of gauges to accommodate a range of patients and situations. You may ask your supplier of lab equipments supply in Texas for assistance.
  2. Butterfly Needles
    For phlebotomists, butterfly needles—also referred to as winged-infusion blood collection systems—offer an alternative to straight needles. The reason why they are named butterfly needles is that they contain a pair of plastic wings that the phlebotomist may hold onto as the needle is placed into the vein. Butterfly needles are joined to a tube that connects a connection and a syringe or tube collector, and they are shorter than straight needles. A variety of gauge sizes are offered, including choices for young patients.

The appropriate needle selection and medical products are crucial elements in successful, efficient, precise, and safe medical practice.

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