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What are the Different Products Sold by All Star Medical Supplies?

What are the Different Products Sold by All Star Medical Supplies?

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When we are asked what products we supply here in All Star Medical Supplies, we immediately give a ray of sunshine to those companies or individuals looking for a laboratory supply, medical supply and/or diagnostic supply.

But what are the differences of these supplies to one another? How would you or any regular customer know if the products, materials and apparatuses you need can be supplied here in All Star Medical Supply? Allow us to break down the definition of the products we supply in our store. Without any further ado, here are our product categories and their individual description:

  • Medical supply
    Medical supplies are items that are a necessity for the cure of an injury or illness. These supplies are non-durable and are disposable kinds or health care materials that are used primarily and customarily for medical purposes. Some examples of these products are:

    • Ostomy supplies
    • Catheters
    • Oxygen supplies
    • Diabetic supplies
  • Rapid test
    Need some materials that will provide you a quick answer to your inquiries about your physical wellbeing? This is what rapid test kits are for. Some examples of these kits are:

    • HIV test kits
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Malaria tests
  • Urinalysis A person’s urine can tell his or her wellbeing. Urinalysis allows experts to evaluate samples of a patient’s urine with the right equipment. Here in our urinalysis product category, you can purchase products that are geared towards assessing and detecting a person’s wide range of disorders based on their urine.
  • Collection tubes & needles
    Tubes and needles are essential in one’s medical laboratory practices. These collections include needles and tubes used for blood collection, sampling, etc.

  • Lab ware
    Lab ware, otherwise known as laboratory supply or equipments, is the equipments one use in a laboratory. These include the laboratory apparatuses discussed in school like the test tubes, beakers, microscope covers, and many more.

  • Blood Preparation and Serology products Blood is oftentimes associated with life so it is a must to be extra cautious when dealing with one. Serology, for one, is the scientific study or a diagnostic examination of the blood. Equipments for blood preparation and serology are essential to aid every practitioner and researcher in dealing with a living organism’s blood, including our own blood.
  • Gloves
    It is a must to wear protective and sanitary wears in medical and laboratory setting hence our supply of gloves.

Are you still confused if the product you are searching for is supplied here in All Star Medical Supplies? Why not try visiting our website at www.allstarmedsupply.com where we can entertain your inquiries, accept your orders and/or referrals and allow you to set your appointments in any time of the day.

If you want to inquire if the item you are looking for is in storage, you can visit our website as mentioned below and do not forget to follow us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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