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Safety Butterfly Set 23g x 3/4″, 50/ Bx by Mercedes Scientific

Safety Butterfly Set 23g x 3/4″, 50/ Bx by Mercedes Scientific


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Mercedes Scientific 23G x 0.75in needle x 12in tubing (0.8 x 19 mm x 305 mm) Safety Blood Collection Set with Luer Adapter, Green Wings, 12″ Tubing (50/Box)

Mercedes Scentific 23G x 0.75 x 12 is for short term IV administration (up to 2 hours)

23G x 0.75 x 12 Mercedes Scientific Safety Blood Collection Set Contents:

50 pcs


Blood Collection Infusion Set
Needle Type: Butterfly
Needle Thickness: 23G
Needle Length: 3/4″
Hub Color: Blue (Wings)
Tubing Length: 12″
Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide
Nontoxic and Nonpyrogenic
For Single Use Only

Features / Benefits

Butterfly sets are essential tools for phlebotomy and intravenous injection, and these infusion sets offer the ideal features for use. The butterfly needle supports precision venipuncture of thin, fragile or “rolling” veins to deliver vital fluids or take blood. The need is 3/4 inch long and 23G thickness.
This safety butterfly set is designed for single use only. All materials are nontoxic and nonpyrogenic and sterilized with ethylene oxide to ensure safety. The butterfly wings are blue, and the tubing is 12 inches for accessibility to the patient in various environments. Kink-resistant elastic in the tub provides consistent flow as a patient moves. The softer tube design allows the patient to feel comfortable throughout the duration of their fluid delivery or blood draw.
High-quality processing and control ensure each butterfly infusion set is safe and prepared for application. It comes with a sturdy safety house to protect the needle from unwanted punctures and maintain its sterility. The compact safety house design also offers more convenience for use, while the semi-hard nature makes it more comfortable for patients. The sharper needle makes it easy for professionals to deliver an efficient and low-pain puncture.
Once the blood draw or fluid delivery is complete, drawing back the tube with one hand locks the needle for convenience and safety. One box comes with 50 units to keep your operation stocked.
Add Our Safety Butterfly Set to Your Cart: Mercedes Scientific provides a wide range of equipment for medical, laboratory and scientific applications. This butterfly infusion set is one of many needle products we offer for intravenous injection and phlebotomy needs. If you’re looking for different tube lengths or non-safety models, you can browse our collection of butterfly sets. Buy this product for your applications and explore our full selection of needles, including Huber, hypodermic and spinal varieties today.

Part Number: 1923

NOTE: REF # MER 1923

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Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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